At the Rothaus Bike Giro Hochschwarzwald the German U23 champion Max Brandl has achieved the prestige success on the last stage. The Lexware driver won 33 seconds ahead of Julian Schelb and 34 seconds ahead of overall winner Simon Stiebjahn, who defended his title from the previous year by three minutes ahead of Matous Ulman and 9:45 ahead of his Bulls teammate Simon Schneller.

Also on the fourth and last stage of the Rothaus Bike Giro Hochschwarzwald over 63.5 kilometers controlled the wearer of the yellow jersey sovereign. “I never had to go to the limit today,” said the dominating winner. “Every four days ran perfectly and to defend the title is awesome.” He could even invite Max Brandl to launch attacks. “There were two or three riders we did not want to let go,” explained Stiebjahn, including Simon Schneller, who wanted to defend his third place overall. “But Max was not one of them and for us it was easy to control when a safe top group went away.” Brandl had to start several attempts. He had attacked before the first meal at km 23.7, but was caught up again. After the meal he tried again and got a lead out. But then he joined in a trail to a guide bike and that came before him to case. The student from Freiburg crashed over the motorcycle over it, got himself some bloody scratches, but above all had to straighten his handlebars again.

However, the 21-year-old did not give up and attacked again, also to help his teammate Luca Schwarzbauer, who was only one second behind the Swiss Michael Stünzi (Texpa-Simplon) in the overall standings. “We wanted to get rid of the Stünzi,” explained Brandl. That succeeded, but Stünzi came back at least in the pursuit group back. This situation was later to provide further discussion, because Stünzi, who was actually stage-second, was given a five-minute time penalty after a protest by several drivers. The reason: A team member who had been allowed to be on the track with an eBike almost as a press vehicle and take pictures, had mixed several times between the drivers and there was the suspicion that he had given Stünzi lee. On the basis of the testimonies, the jury decided to reset the Swiss rider, who was only able to finish the day on 13th place and also lost his fifth place in the overall standings.

Back to racing: Max Brandl attacked after the second food (km 46.5) on a flat passage again. “That’s when I knew I might be the strongest in the field,” he said. He went 20 seconds ahead on the next climb, extended his lead to just under a minute, and only began to suffer a little in the last few kilometers. Nevertheless, he won his first stage victory in the Rothaus Bike Giro. “The terrain today has come to meet me,” he said after his triumph. “I thought before the start today that I could do something.” Julian Schelb (Stop & Go Marder defense) finished second with 33 seconds. “I have already flirted with a victory before the stage,” said Schelb, who had taken an attack by Brandl. But when he realized that Sascha Weber (Maloja-Rocky Mountain) had fallen behind due to a defect and he had the chance to finish fourth overall, he was more concerned about safety. “I’m really happy with the second place today, especially as I was already suspended at the last hill,” said Schelb. Matous Ulman (Ceska Sporitelna-Accolade) defended his second place overall. Only at the end of the Czech was suspended and finally reached 1:01 minutes behind in fifth place the target. With a smile on his face, he congratulated Simon Stiebjahn on the overall success. “I can be satisfied with my second place,” said Ulman.

Simon Schneller was perhaps the surprise of the stage race. The U23 rider from Oberlengenhardt also remained in the lead group for nearly 40 kilometers on the final day before he had a bit of bad luck because a gap opened in a trail and he barely closed them despite the help of his Bulls team-mate Martin Frey got. “We only drove 15, 20 seconds behind the leader for a long time. Thanks to Martin for supporting me so much. It was another great fight, but third place in the standings, that’s outstanding, “commented Schneller, who finished seventh with a 2-26-minute deficit in Rothaus. For the stage result Luca Schwarzbauer was announced, who had driven directly behind Julian Schelb to the finish. “Today I felt perfect. It is true that many things went unhappy. Of course, after Max’s attack I had to wait and could not drive behind. But now I am satisfied with the podium finish and fifth place in the overall standings, of course. ”

The second edition of the Rothaus Bike Giro Hochschwarzwald ended in Grafenhausen with the stage victory of Janine Schneider (Cube Bikes). After 63.5 kilometers Schneider won with 2:39 minutes ahead of Christina Kollmann-Forstner and 2:40 minutes ahead of overall winner Adelheid Morath, who let nothing burn on the final stage. “That’s great,” said a beaming Janine Schneider. “This strengthens the ego again after the last two days.” She was very offensive on the final stage. After the first feeding zone at kilometer 23.7, the Transalp winner pulled away and worked his way up to the Heidenmühle on board 2 with just under a minute’s lead. “I saw that they did not come along and thought, okay, now full throttle,” Schneider said. “1000 times”, she would have turned around to look for the pursuers, but they were content with managing the time budget from the past three days. “For me, this is a great graduation and I’m happy about the good ending,” said Schneider, who was sixth in the final bill.

South African Robyn de Groot (Ascendis Health) dropped out of the women’s quartet dominating so far, leaving Sabine Spitz (Wiawis Bikes), Christina Kollmann-Forstner (Texpa-Simplon) and Adelheid Morath (jb Brunex-Felt) behind podium places drove. The second could Sabine Spitz get. But: “I drove a couple of hundred meters from the finish in the tangle in the cordon tape,” said Spitz and could smile about it again, even if it cost her the stage podium. “The four days went better than expected. Of course I lost a lot because of the injury and could not stand up to Adelheid, but it was certainly a good setup for the next weeks, “pointed out Spitz, who was 11:03 minutes behind Morath in third place overall.

Christina Kollmann-Forstner had the pleasure of finishing second ahead of Adelheid Morath in third place. For the fourth time in these four days. “For the sake of honor,” she said, laughing. “I think nobility is not angry with me.” On the last day she had “no good legs”, confessed the Salzburg native. “We delivered a fight yesterday. But I am very satisfied and must compliment the organizers. It was a great atmosphere and I’ll be back for sure. “Adelheid Morath stood with a laughing face and enjoyed the moments of her second overall victory. “For me it was certainly a preparation for the World Cup final and the World Cup, but the routes that Stiebi (Simon Stiebjahn) picked out were fun and it’s especially nice to win at home,” said the winner. “I had good legs again today and the values ​​were encouraging.”

Robyn de Groot finished the day in fifth (+3: 32) and finished the race in fourth. “I can really recommend the Bike Giro. The journey here is worthwhile, “said the South African Marathon champion and ex-road rider and thanked for the support of the organizers.

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